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Since human behaviour contributes largely to the environmental crisis, it is crucial that people engage in pro-environmental actions. However, despite people's environmental concern, they might refrain from pro-environmental behaviour, because such behaviour has no immediately noticeable effects and the effects tend to be insignificant unless a large collective engages in them.

Dr. Marijn Meijers

This project aims to target these two barriers by increasing people's response efficacy beliefs: the conviction that actions have a positive, significant impact on the environment. To achieve this, the project will employ an innovative virtual reality-experience to visualise the environmental impact of supermarket purchases via visual impact messages. These messages visualise how people's choices impact the environment (e.g., purchasing out-of-season fruit negatively impacts climate change).

Additionally, the project will make use of collective influences within the VR-experience to enhance collective response efficacy beliefs (e.g., "By working together, we can solve environmental problems") and, consequently, pro-environmental behavior. By aiming at high school adolescents,
the project targets a crucial group to address the urgent need to stimulate pro-environmental behavior and ensure continued pro-environmental behaviour in the future.