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Communication Science: Corporate Communication
Career prospects

Career Prospects

The career prospects for our alumni are good. A recent study (2017) shows that graduates who started looking for a job immediately after graduation have found a suitable job within two to three months (n=231).

A Master's degree in Communication Science equips students with a high-level academic education. By graduation you will be an expert in organisational communication, public relations and corporate communication from an academic perspective. You will be able to advise organisations about their communication strategies and policies at a corporate level. You will know how to underpin this advice with empirical research and the most recent theories in the field. You will be equipped to produce evidence based communication programmes for big and small organisations. The knowledge and skills acquired during the course provide an effective grounding for positions in:

  • Communication research (academic researcher, media researcher, market and opinion researcher)
    • e.g. working as a junior researcher at NPO
  • Communication advice (publishing, public information expert, advertising or PR consultant, communication consultant)
    • e.g. being a marketing consultant at Groupon.
  • Management (publisher, programme director, research agency)
    •  e.g. working as a publishing relations manager at Elsevier. 

UvA Career Services

To help students find the right job, identify strengths and weaknesses of their CVs, and prepare for the interview, the UvA offers a large amount of general and individual career services and events. Visit their website or contact them with specific inquiries to make full use of the services.