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Contact details

Admissions office

If you have questions regarding your application please contact our Admissions office:

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, REC C7.02
1018 WV Amsterdam
Education Desk: 09.00-17:00
Phone: +31 (0)20 - 525 3003 

Graduate School of Communication
from l.t.r: Joyce, Marie, Boy, Sara-Jane, Loes, Sanne, Laurian and Lena

Study advisers

  • Sanne Dobber 
  • Marie Hoogstraten
  • Joyce Helsloot
  • Laurian Meester 
  • Julia Brand 
  • Lena Kublenz-Gabriel
  • Loes van Bekkum
  • Boy Hennevelt

You can either e-mail the study advisers or make a telephone appointment through the Education Desk.

Meet with current students

If you want to know how our current students experience our programmes, you can get in touch with them. 

Mohita Ghosal

Hello! I'm Mohita Ghosal, a current student of the Masters in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. I'm of mixed Danish-Indian descent and spontaneously moved to Amsterdam a few years ago. I have now decided there is nowhere better for me to live (Amsterdam has a way of persuading people to stay). I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a professional background in Communication, Events and specifically, Advertising. 

Joining a university can be exciting and overwhelming in equal parts - especially given the global Covid19 pandemic that has changed so much about how we study (and live). So you can always reach out if you have any questions.

Student-Assistant Communications & Events
Hi, I'm Mohita and I'm here for you to ask me any and all questions you might have about the Masters in Communication Science. I'm also here if you just want to have a chat about what life is like in Amsterdam (off-campus and on-campus) and to help you work through any issues so you can focus on being excited about attending University!  
Contact Mohita!

Timothy Dörr 

Hey everyone, I'm Timothy, and I am currently doing my Research Master's in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. I am from Germany, but I already did my Bachelor's at the UvA in the PPLE Program (Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics). Therefore, I have lived here for multiple years already. After my first three years in this beautiful city, I decided that I don't want to leave and stay for my Master's.

It took me a lot of time and many conversations to figure out what I want to study. I was undecided until the very end, but I am happy where I ended up. Having gone through this painful decision-making process myself already, maybe I can make yours easier. 

Ombudsstudent Master's Communication Science
Hi, I'm Tim and if you have any questions about the Communication Science Masters, or about studying in Amsterdam in general, please feel free to contact me!
Contact Tim