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Affiliations and Student Affiliations

Graduate School of Communication


SWOCC is the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Brands and Brand Communication. Its aim is to expand the academic knowledge on branding and communication and to present this research in such a way that it can easily be implemented in day-to-day practice. SWOCC is fully sponsored by businesses from the field of advertising, media and marketing.


Study association Mercurius

Mercurius is the study association for Communication Science and emerged from the Mercurius student fraction in 1988. Over the years, Mercurius has developed into a study association with around 800 members. 

Mercurius provides facilities and organises activities especially for students. The Mercurius desk offers discounted study books for all compulsory subjects and many books for electives. The association committees also organize numerous activities, including symposia, lunch for students and teaching staff, a study trip (destinations in the past have included Moscow, Shanghai and Dubai) and a career event. Company visits are organised several times a year, as well as parties and an introductory day and weekend for first-year students, and the monthly Communication Science drinks reception. In addition, Mercurius stands up for student rights.


Medium Online

Medium is the magazine of Mercurius, the study association for Communication Science. The magazine is especially for and written by Communication Science students and contains articles related to Communication Science. 

Mercurius also has its own blog on current topics in Communication Science, Medium Online. The articles on Medium Online are mainly written by students. In addition to articles from the editorial staff, there are frequent guest appearances.